Best Houseplants for your Home

Plants is an essential component of home simple because it makes some of the best decors for
our home, brighten your indoor spaces and is also a mood booster. Are you looking to
incorporate house plants into your home? Here are some houseplants that are suitable for your

Rubber Plant
Classified as one of the easy care house plants, rubber plant purifies the air and gives your
house a sophisticated vibe. Rubber plant also does not give off pollen and create allergy
reactions which makes it perfect as an indoor house plant!

Snake Plant
If you are struggling with sleeping issues, you might want to incorporate snake plant in your
room. It emits oxygen during the nighttime which makes your bedroom’s air fresh and clean,
naturally enhances your quality of sleep. We all know how important having a good night’s rest is.

Herbs and Spices

On top of indoor houseplants, you can also consider growing your own herbs at home! Some of
our favourite herbs to grow are basil and peppermint. What we particularly love about growing basil
at home is the scent! The smell of fresh herbs is nature’s perfume. Peppermint leaves on the
other hand, keeps mosquitoes at bay, which is always a plus.

We love having houseplants in our homes for health benefits. What kind of house plants do you
keep at home? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

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