COMPLIMENTARY Wellness Kit for Mums/Mums-to-be (Note: Promotion has ended.)




(WORTH $210)!

~ For a limited period only!~


This first-of-a-kind Mummy Wellness Kit is specially created & curated by our Founder (a Mother of 2) for our website’s community of mummy subscribers & followers. It is with mummies’ needs in mind that we put together a self-care (or you can call it “survival”) kit, with love. We are delighted to partner with like-minded & inspiring Brands that are equally passionate in empowering mummies.

We know that whilst motherhood is beautiful & rewarding, parenting can also be exhausting & overwhelming. A mother’s role is pivotal in every family and yet mothers’ silent sacrifice, efforts, sweat and pain are often undermined and unnoticed. Mummies’ own needs are often overlooked as well. There are many baby-centric welcome packs/boxes/goodie-bags in the market; but none for Moms. We hope that this first-of-its-kind complimentary Wellness Kit will help to empower supermoms who very much deserve self-care & pampering. Afterall, a happy mom is a happy child & creates a happy family. We must love ourselves to love others.

With your ongoing support, the team at Parent & Child will continue to provide quality content, useful parenting tips, source and offer more perks and privileges for our mummies. We want to make parenting easier for you as we accompany you on this journey.

This, is our GIFT to you.

BIG thanks to our Sponsors:


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