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Updated: Apr 29

A Mother’s love, strength and sacrifice is beyond words. For many of us, we start to understand the struggles and hardship our mothers went through when we become parents. Not undermining the role that Daddies play, Mothers are more often than not the pillars in families. That is why Mothers’ Day has always been an important occasion that provides an opportunity for family members to show some appreciation, recognition and pampering love for all giving Mothers. For once, it is about Mothers and not anyone else. It is a celebration of Motherhood which is challenging yet beautiful.

Now that Mother’s Day is round the corner once again, have you thought of what you should give to your great-grandma/grandma/mom/wife/mother-in-law this year? She may want “nothing” and need “nothing”, but here are gift ideas (some of these go beyond the material stuff) we have specially curated for you.

Attend Workshops Together


A baking and crafts wonderland, it conducts various fun classes for junior chefs & junior crafts master. Spurbox also hosts and organizes school excursions as well as birthday parties.

Find yourself spending less quality one-on-one time with mum lately? Your best gift to your mom is quality time! Take her out for parent-child bonding workshops on art jamming, baking/cooking, jewelry and floral arrangement. These are therapeutic workshops in Singapore that will certainly help the two of you unwind and explore new concepts and creativity. Being a parent is tough work, and gifting a relaxing bonding session to that parent who raised you is an apt way to express your gratitude.

Spurbox – Mother’s Day Special

Spurbox Mothers’ Day Special

– Jewellery-Making & Baking Classes

– Floral Love Jewellery Set

– Swan Lake Ring Dish

– [Junior Baker] Berry Giant Macarons

– [Junior Baker] Me and Mom Cookies

– [Junior Baker] Pretty Mom Cake & Many More

When: Multiple dates

How much: Varies

Click here for above class details & booking.

Art workshops in Singapore include those hosted by Artary, Arteastiq, and The Fun Empire. These art jamming sessions let you paint to the backdrop of specially curated music, allowing you to absorb all the forms of art at once. Likewise, going for a jewellery making workshop in Singapore could be a good experience to bond over, and the results of your work could make an even more meaningful gift than store-bought jewellery. Places like Circus Fling and Longue Vue Design offer numerous interesting classes to cater to different tastes. Try out marbling and foiling, or make gemstone bracelets and earrings — all of which are options you certainly wouldn’t get on a typical day.

Ultimately, what you choose to do or give doesn’t matter as much as the thought and time you put into it. Doing something together like going out on a family outing or attending cool workshops in Singapore can let you bond over the shared experience. At the heart of it all, Mothers’ Day is a day to celebrate the one who brings the family together.

Treat her to a Lovely Meal

Hotpot Master – Mother’s Day Special

Alternatively, if a large party is not mum’s cup of tea, how about a cosy and intimate feast with family at home? An option with less hassle, Hotpot Master which you can order online, gives you the freedom to dine-in with the luxury of piping-hot gourmet food in the comfort of your home. No need for long waits, away from the crowds and queues, you can enjoy quality time with mummy and family. The best part is that service is fuss and mess free. All you need to do is to sit-back and relax while the setup is done. Ingredients are delivered fresh, packed in sealed trays for hygiene. Portions are substantial; more than enough to fill your happy tummies. Not to worry about the aftermath as cleaning up will be done by Hotpot Master, complete with room freshener spray! The best part? Kids can play at one side while Adults enjoy the feast!

Watch below video for more details:

If she is not a fan of steamboat/hotpot, you could also take her out on a nice dinner date with a view. Enjoy a panoramic view at Swissotel’s 70th floor restaurant Skai or at Marina Bay Sands’s Ce La Vi Restaurant and Skybar. A quiet evening against and beautiful city backdrop could be quite a treat for the woman of your life. Closer to nature, Mount Faber’s Dusk Restaurant and Bar stands at 100m above sea level and is surrounded by lush greenery. With both indoor and outdoor dining, you have the choice to bask in the evening breeze as you soak in the beauty of the setting sun.

Woo her with Flowers


A boutique online florist in Singapore, founded in 2015 by Joan Chua and Sarah Ching. Fleuriste specializes in bespoke rustic everyday, bridal bouquets, wedding and event styling. It is also an online florist in Singapore, where you can browse through its online store and place orders in a matter of clicks. Gift the special & important women in your life these gorgeous bouquets from Fleuriste’s Mother’s Day Collection:

Fleuriste Mother’s Day Collection

Inspired by Spring, this charming arrangement is reminiscent of a garden on a sunny spring day. A clever combination of dancing tips tulips, cappuccino roses and soft pink carnations in a rustic mason jar arrangement is bound to delight! Strong yet soft. Beautiful and spirited. This is perfect for the sophisticated.

Fleuriste Mother’s Day Collection

Just like a mother’s love, this bouquet of resilient and luxe blooms (Phalaenopsis orchids, anthuriums, matthiolas and Kenyan roses), is timeless, classy yet soft and warm.

Specially designed card by Boulevart adds beautiful touch to the bouquets.

To order: Quote MUM15 to enjoy 15% off Mother’s Day collection@ Fleuriste

Currently one of the few boutique florists that provides Skillsfuture approved courses in floristry, Fleuriste also specializes in conducting floral design courses and workshops. If you prefer not to buy flowers, have the luxury of time and green fingers, why not try your hand at Floral arrangement? Fleuriste is conducting a special Mother’s Day workshop:

Fleuriste – Bell Jar Workshop

Fleuriste Bell Jar workshop for Mother and Child

When: 5 May 1230pm – 230pm

How much: $165 for 2 persons (one regular bell jar, one petite bell jar)

What: Bell jars are done up using preserved flowers and will last for a year. Comes with fairy lights for a magical touch.

How to register: Text 90685320 or email to

No Celebration is complete without Cake!

Of course a staple in any celebration or commemoration is the indulgence in cake. Afterall, dessert is stressed spelt backwards, perfect for the often stressed mums. Who can resist a little sugar rush and kick from chocolate-induced endorphins/serotonins? A good ole tradition, of blowing out candles lit just for you makes anyone feel special.

Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams is a homegrown bakery specialising in bespoke cakes and dessert tables. It offers a comprehensive menu selection, ranging from hearty baked meals to tantalising grilled meats and a selection to suit juniors’ unique appetites. The first bakery to officially offer dessert tables with customised sweet treats and gorgeous table styling, Little House of Dreams is also perfect venue for intimate events such as weddings and birthday parties.

Little House of Dreams – A Mother is the Jewel in the home

This Mother’s Day, Little House of Dreams is launching a special cake flavor made with a new chocolate called Ruby Chocolate, which is essentially the fourth type of chocolate (after dark, milk and white). Slightly fruity and delicate, it has a sweet dusty pink hue and is made from the ruby cocoa bean.

Little House of Dreams – Mother’s Day Cake

Its Mother’s Day Cake is a lemon butter cake, studded with cranberries, and filled with layers of ruby chocolate buttercream. The outside will be frosted in ruby chocolate buttercream, and topped with little jewels made from ruby chocolate. Expect other delectable sweet treats like donuts glazed with ruby chocolate and gilded with gold leaf, gold macarons filled with ruby buttercream, and ruby chocolate shards with fancy sprinkles. Don’t they look lovely? We are almost certain they taste as good or even better! Perfect for all lovely and sweet mothers! Orders can be made via email at

Make a scrapbook

Get the kids to help out for this — gather some craft materials from things you can reuse, like buttons from old clothes, ribbons from old fancy packaging, and used wrapping paper, and let the creativity flow. Have them choose photos they like, of themselves and with grandma, and paste them in a cute handmade scrapbook.

While you could print photos with your home printer or at a printing shop too, instant pocket printers that can produce polaroid-like photos are all the rage now, and might impress the kids with their instantaneity. Let the family bond over this fun activity for an afternoon.

Have a Family Picnic

If your mum is the type who enjoys basking in the warmth of a family outing (and the sun), take the whole family out on a picnic. Good places to go with ample open space to play would be the Botanic Gardens or Marina Barrage, where the kids and cousins can run around to their heart’s content. The great thing about a picnic is that with so much space, you can accommodate many, so it will be great for larger families. Invite all your siblings and their children out for a fun family outing, but be sure to pack enough sunblock and insect repellant. The kids can go play together, and the parents can sit back and chill. Some picnic-suitable food for the family include finger sandwiches, or a pasta salad. Bite-sized chicken nuggets, sausages and fishballs are also easy to eat options.

Source: Pinterest

Pamper her to a Relaxing Spa

When your mother arrives home after a long and draining day at work, she is met with an array of house chores such as cooking, cleaning of the house, laundry and much more. Express your gratitude to your mother and use this opportunity to show your mother you appreciate her. How blessed would she be to be pampared with the luxury of aromatherapy or massage. Spend quality time with her through the couple deals and soothe your sore muscles as both of you can unwind. Allow her to experience relaxation and rejuvenation like no other from professional masseurs from luxurious Spas like The Fullerton Spa or The Ultimate Resort Spa.

Go for a Short Trip

Bring your mama for a relaxing weekend trip, she deserves it! Time and memories is the best gift you can give to any mom. Lucky for us Singaporeans, we are right smack in the middle with so many locations suitable for any type of vacation you can think of!

If you are a shopaholic and a foodie, Bangkok is your jam. If you are in for a relaxing beach holiday, Bali or Phuket is a great spot. If you are looking for somewhere to escape the constant heatwave in Singapore, Genting Highland Malaysia is now open from their 2 years long hiatus! Grab them tickets and hit the roads for that epic mother’s day weekend!

Seal these Precious Moments

Lastly, even as we get caught up with the hustle and bustle of Mother’s Day celebration events, why not commemorate these moments with a loving family photograph that everyone can recall fondly and look back thinking – “ahh, those were the times”. Have them taken professionally and printed in beautiful photo book or fine art canvas.

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