Do we really need a car in Singapore?

Singapore is famous for its reputation as one of the world’s most expensive cities to own a car. While public transport is efficient, parents with young kids will find it a struggle to lug around diaper bags, strollers and all their “barang-barang” onboard either the bus or the SMRT train (God forbids the train breaks down and your non-diaper wearing 4yo starts wailing for the toilet !) In tropical Singapore, it is rumoured that an old witch cast a spell that makes Taxis disappear whenever there’s heavy rain !
Taxis/ Private Hire Vehicles are easy to book via ride hailing apps such as Grab but do note that :

1. None of these car services come with baby or child seats, BYO please !

2.GrabCar does not allow passengers below 1.35m in height

3. Grab has introduced a GrabFamily car service which you will need to book in advance and that only caters for kids between the ages of 4-7 yo ! A small MiFold booster seat is provided

(See details here :

Hence, despite the high cost of car ownership, some do bite the bullet for the sake of the child/children’s safety and the convenience of mobility. Given that CAT A COE prices are now at a low $34k (Aug18), down from a high of $92k (Jan2013), now might actually be a good time to start looking out for that new/used car!

About CLEE:

CLEE is an avid motorhead who believes that cars are either fun or practical and that is why he has 5.8L of engine cubic capacity : A 3.4L Coupe and a 2.4L 7-seater SUV.

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