Managing Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos is nightmare to parents and can be embarrassing when it happens in public. Here are some tips in managing it:
Be Patient: That is right, patience is a virtue. While your kid is going through this phase, give yourself and your kid enough time to adjust to changes. Never get angry with them for throwing tantrums.
A firm “No”: This is key for behaviors that needs to be stopped immediately. Also, be firm but explain or show them what the consequence is if they behave badly.
Timeouts: Like being grounded, this is an effective way to discipline your toddler while sending a clear message that specific behaviors are not acceptable. Find a spot for timeouts and self-reflection, followed by a discussion of such behaviors.
Confiscation: Taking away your child’s toys or treats for a certain amount of time or until they behave acceptably, is also a powerful way to communicate that their behaviours aren’t acceptable. The key is consistency, they also have to know why you are doing the things to discipline them every time it happens.
Distraction: Sometimes the best way is to direct their attention to something else, something that they will like and laugh about like using funny voices! Toddlers are known to have a short attention span, so this technique should do the trick.
Adapting: If your child is having tantrums and throwing things they can get their hands on, asks them if they want to go outdoors to play instead. Sometimes these are signs that they are expressing and communicating with them should address their needs.
Do Not Mimic: If your child is showing emotions like tantrums, do not mimic/mock him/her. Instead, communicate and connect with the child emotionally. Make the child understand that whilst emotions are valid, one can learn to manage them and express them in a different manner.
While it may seem like the phase of terrible two may last forever, these behaviors will ease up once your child is able to better understand rules, communicate and express themselves.

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