Things to do with your family this CNY

Updated: Mar 19

Aside from the usual visiting, what are some of the things to do in Singapore with kids this Lunar New Year? Here are some ideas to enhance your family life this Chinese New Year:

River Hong Bao 2019

A yearly affair, River Hongbao 2019’s theme revolving around Singapore’s bicentennial is anchored in heritage but also promises to be one of the most exciting and future-centric editions of the event.

Head down to The Float @ Marina Bay with your family to check out the breathtaking lantern displays and spectacular fireworks display, which are definitely going to impress the little ones.

Fireworks will run from 3 to 10 February, featuring both local companies and globally-acclaimed pyrotechnics experts from countries including Australia, China, USA and Italy. Perfect to close off the night, a delightful treat for you and your family.

Bake Traditional CNY Snacks

With prices of decent CNY goodies fluctuating and rising, baking your own goodies will not only be a great way to bond with the kids, but will also save costs. Impress your guests with some simple but delicious recipes for pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, and peanut cookies.

The relatives will be in awe and the kids will be thrilled to help parents out in the kitchen. Just make sure you don’t finish all the treats before your visitors arrive!

Do Potluck

Family gatherings and meals together are basically synonymous with CNY. But how do you get the simplicity and convenience of eating out while having the nostalgic taste of traditional family reunions? By having a potluck.

A potluck where every family brings a few dishes can ease the burden on the host family, without needing to call in the corps of caterers to lay out their buffet tablecloths and large rectangular metal trays. The extended family can bond over a home-cooked meal, prepared and cooked with love. Cooking up, or even buying in, your own favorite dishes ensures that you (or your picky eaters) enjoy the meal, and also adds a personal touch from everyone to the family meal.

Play SG Edition card game

Besides the usual gambling with decks of poker cards, you can trade your dai di and blackjack games for a more interactive and family-friendly game of The Singaporean Dream. Conceptualised and created in Singapore, this deck of cards will liven up the atmosphere during house visits, just when the family is caving in to food coma.

The satirical card game based on Singapore life experiences allows players to sabo, complain and pay their ways to be the perfect Singaporean! Try it!

Watch Lion Dance Performance

The lion dance is a traditional performance that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, as it is believed that the lion is an auspicious animal.

Soak in the festive atmosphere of the heavy drums and clanging cymbals, as the lion dance troupe makes its way around to usher in good fortune for the new year. Private lion dance events are common amongst companies, which often hire professional troupes to for entertainment and luck during their CNY functions.

However, you can also find several free performances to take the family to. Here’s a list of free lion dance events in 2019, which includes locations like Harbourfront, Centrepoint, Changi City Point, Waterway Point and even Gardens by The Bay.

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