What is in our Complimentary Wellness Kit? (Note: Promotion has ended.)

What is in our Complimentary Wellness Kit?

(Worth up to $210)

> Exclusive perks for our subscribers

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> Sample packs

> Mini Bouquet

Here’s a sneak preview of it!

Enjoy complimentary gifts thanks to the following kind Sponsors:

The pioneer of healthy, artisanal breakfast and snacks in Malaysia and Singapore, Amazin’ Graze’s new range of healthy and convenient ready-made breakfast, named Goodness (in a) Bowl, caters to those who favour on-the-go breakfasts. Perfect for busy moms this Circuit Breaker period!

Subscribers get to sample firsthand a sachet of this oats based meal that’s packed to the rim with protein-heavy nuts, seeds, and complemented with delicious fruits. You can even share it with your little ones who are doing Home-Based Learning! The Goodness Bowl takes just 90 seconds to prepare and contains all the proteins and nutrients needed to start your day right. Enjoy these oaty goodness in three different methods based on personal preference – add water / milk and microwave, hot water / milk and leave it soaked for 2 minutes, or stored in the fridge overnight after soaking with water / milk. Like all Amazin’ Graze products, the Goodness Bowl is made using only natural ingredients, with no added refined sugar, additives, preservatives, flavouring, and colouring. No better way to kick-start the day by eating and staying healthy, especially during this stay-at-home Covid-19 period.

AUOLIVE is an Award-Winning Skincare brand created to give women simple and effective skincare solutions to save them time. Swiss-formulated with modern innovation using natural active ingredients, our products are multi-functional and enable women on-the-go to skip a multiple-step skincare regimen. It is perfect for busy time-starved women and moms!

A Favourite of Magazine Editors, AUOLIVE has won multiple awards in CLEO, Beauty Insider and Parents World Magazine, and has been featured in The Straits Times, Her World, Elle, Nuyou, 8 Days, The New Paper, Toggle, Style X Style, Singapore Women’s Weekly, Buro, Daily Vanity, and T Singapore by New York Times.

DAY GLOWER – Antioxidant Brightening Day Moisturiser with SPF 30 (Water-based with UVA & UVB Protection).
This lightweight, non-greasy antioxidant moisturiser protects the skin from premature ageing and damage with its defence against UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Subscribers get to try this Award-Winning moisturiser (in 3ml sample size) enriched with a luxurious blend of natural active ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract and Squalene, the skin receives the moisture and nourishment it needs to stay soft, supple and healthy.

Skincare should not be neglected even when we work from home. Witness a fair and even skin tone with visible brightening glow instantly!

* Dermatologically and Clinically Tested

* Non-allergenic Fragrance

* Paraben, Alcohol and Colour Free

* Swiss Formulated. Made in Singapore

* Suitable for Normal/Combination, Dry and Oily skin

Pronounced as “Bee-fes-ta”, Bifesta means “Beauty Festival” in Japanese. Bifesta is the pioneer to introduce water-based makeup removers to Japanese women and offers the largest range of Japanese water-based make-up remover line. There’s a make-up remover for every skin type, lifestyle and occasion. Its makeup remover range includes – Micellar water, Micellar Wipes, Eye & Lip Makeup Remover and its cleanser range includes – Carbonated Foaming Whip available in different variants to suit every skin needs.

Subscribers get to try Japan’s no. 1 Water-based makeup remover that offers convenient, yet highly effective, products for today’s women who have busy parenting, social and work schedules.

Fleuriste believes in celebrating the everyday and that no occasion is too small to show your love, appreciation and friendship with flowers. At Fleuriste, rustic style bouquets are created affordably for everyday gifting.

As a school of floral design, Fleuriste also focuses on floral design courses and workshops. It is currently the only boutique florist that provides Skillsfuture approved courses in floristry, which are also made available online this Circuit Breaker period. What better time to upgrade, upskill and kill some boredom?

Each of our Wellness Box will be adorned with a lovely mini bouquet from Fleuriste (type and color of flowers may differ from picture due to stock availability), to send some love and cheer to fellow moms.

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