What You Need to Know About Essential Oil Diffusers

After a hard day’s work, coming home to a scent that is not only relaxing but also uplifting and rejuvenating is true enjoyment. If you are an Essential Oil (EO) lover, aside from a  collection of EOs or even having created your own blends, you would also definitely own a diffuser. However, how much do you know about the various types of diffusers and are you using a good and safe one?

There are various types of EO diffusers commonly available in the shops. Most of them diffuse through:

  1. Evaporation;
  2. Heat/Water; and
  3. Nebulisation.

As diffusing EO through evaporation (e.g. reed sticks) are only effective for small areas, most of us use Heat/Water-based and Nebulising diffusers for larger areas like the living room and bedroom.

Here are some common woes with traditional water-based or heat-based diffusers which you may not be aware of:
1. Oil denaturation – Potential alteration to chemical compounds when in contact with heat, diminishing the therapeutic attributes of essential oils.
2. Open flames and toxins – Other than being a risk of fire, smoke, toxins or chemicals emitted during the process of burning are harmful to our bodies.
3. Maintenance Hassle – Hassle of fetching water aside, mould and bacteria can thrive in the water reservoir and be breathed in if not well-maintained.
4. Mediocre Diffusion – Essential oils added to a large volume of water or candle wax and spread throughout a large space become extremely diluted, getting mild scent or less than therapeutic effect.
5. Risks to Electronics – Severe moisture damages to electronic devices (e.g. laptop speaker, television, printer, etc) as a result of prolonged exposure to water mist particles diffused from close proximity.

Nebulising diffusers on the other hand, work using a constant air supply source. Using the science of cold air and pressure, the pure essential oils are dispersed into millions of micro-droplets that form the fine mists diffused.

How FLO Nebulising Diffuser Works

Outstanding characteristics of Nebulising Diffusers:
1. No water required: Essential oils are used undiluted without the need of water as a diffusing base.
2. No heat required: No open flame to watch over, or denaturation of essential oils to worry about.

As such, nebulising diffusers are recommended for:
1. Scenting your space: Great for homemakers who like to keep their home lovely daily or for gatherings or occasions. Also great for any beginners who likes aromatherapy for its natural scents.
2. Therapeutic Use: Have the true form of pure essential oils dissipated straight into the air and assimilate into our bodies via inhalation. Inhalation is considered a safer and effective approach as compared to topical application or oral ingestion as essential oils are highly concentrated
and it can cause potential irritation or damage to skin or stomach if taken without caution.
3. Managing Your Environment: Be it a moment for relaxation or focus, create varying ambience as you need.

There is, however, one common gripe about nebulising diffusers – its noise caused by the diffusing process. The diffuser’s motor base quality determines its diffusing strength and motor noise.  You will be pleased to know that FLO Nebulising diffuser differs from others in the market as it was designed with power in mind and engineered to perfection.

The FLO Nebulising Diffuser (which comes in 3 different shapes – Pyramid, Raindrop, Sphere) with its robust motor engineering has an almost silent motor base with powerful diffusing strength. It is able to scent an area of 800 square feet in its first 2 minutes of diffusion while below 40dB of noise is produced during the operation.

Glass quality is crucial too as the microtubes within the glass chamber are very delicate pieces to produce. Inaccuracy in the microtubes can cause diffusion of the oils to not work. As such, it is important to purchase a nebulising diffuser from a reliable and reputable consumer-centric source like FLO with strong focus on quality as well as safety.

So check your diffuser today and make the necessary change(s) for better and happier living for yourself and your family!

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About FLO: A local home-grown brand, FLO signifies the flow of positive energy and wellness, and mother nature’s flora which is the very constituent essential oils are derived from. What started as an interest turned into a commitment to bring to the bigger community the goodness of aromatherapy. FLO holds a firm belief that aromatherapy should not only derive from the purest essential oils but the instruments that are paired to use with matter just as much to make the best of living and nature. The team at FLO knows that every product counts – especially the quality of aromatherapy products. FLO’s essential oils (single-note and blends) are sourced from around the world. They are 100% pure and selected from the best origins.


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