What Topics Can I Write About:

Our site covers a fair range of topics that our readers consume, therefore if you write on any of the following topics, you are a great fit for our blog:

– Lifestyle

– Financial

– Health and Wellness

– Parenting

– Learning

– Family-friendly/Holiday Activities

– Beauty and Salon

– Events

What’s In It For You:

– Brand yourself as an industry expert

– Get exposure on a popular blog

– Be promoted on our social media channels

– Get a link in your bio to your website

What Are We Looking For:

– The article should be unique and have never been published anywhere else on the Internet.

– We only accept unique articles that are written for our blog only.

– Ensure your post teaches and gives the readers a lot of value.

– Backups any facts stated with real-world data and examples.

– No affiliate nor Spam links will be accepted within the article.

– High-quality articles that are relevant and useful to our target audience.

Before You Submit Your Content:

– We will only review fully completed articles. Due to the volume of submissions we receive daily, we are not able to get back to everyone. If the article is accepted we will let you know within 7 days.

Otherwise, if you do not hear from us, you are free to submit it elsewhere.

– We reserve the right to edit the article to fit our content format and to remove any unnecessary or self-promotional links we may find.

– You must ensure that your article is grammatically correct and free from any spelling mistakes.

– We reserve the right to accept or reject any article for any reason at any time.

– Links to sales pages, your client’s homepage, or your own company homepage within the article will be removed without exception. Use your bio for any mentions and links to your own website.

– Links to cite other relevant content pieces within the article will be accepted; however, we reserve the right to edit or remove these links if they do not fit with the context or our content format, or are found to be inserted for a promotional nature.

– Content must be 100% unique and any articles with duplicate, spun, or unoriginal content will be rejected.

– Content cannot contain any self-promotional reference to your company.

– If there is more than one content reference within your submitted article to a blog post on your website, all additional links will be removed without exception.